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April 14, 2005


Matthew Podboy

You're absolutely right, Kevin. Integrated communication programs is the key. And in retail, as you point out, offering a complete customer experience is crucial. Your example of the iPod box is a good one. We bought one for my brother-in-law and he and I both got a kick out of opening the box. Thanks for the comment.

Kevin Dugan

You won't have a problem if your goal is integrated communications. Each discipline is stronger working in concert with each other. Ultimately, our goal is to give the brand to the customer. If any one discipline trys to own the brand, we've all lost and the customer most likely won't accept it.

In my new job, I see the need to take it one step further into the retail environment. Look at Apple, Starbucks, Target. They do not stop at communications. They immerse customers in the brand. Even packaging. Opening an iPod box is an experience.

Which reminds me, all of the above also have great products to back all of this up.

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