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October 18, 2005


Matthew Podboy

You're way to good to me, Jeremy. Me and Diogenese? (Truth is, I had to email Jeremy and ask him about Diogenese). Reminds me of Mel Brooks in History of the World Part I when he's waiting in the Roman unemployment line and they ask for his occupation and he says "stand-up philosopher." The woman responds, "oh, a bullshit artist." I'm usually referenced as a stand up philosopher so the Diogenese reference is much appreciated.

Jeremy Pepper

What jumped out most to me, Matthew, is that person(s) is/are missing the point.

Bravo for the post, and it's always good to see you come in and ping us, as you usually are like the PR industry's Diogenes. Thank you for shining a lamp on certain bloggers, including myself (sometimes). It's about a formal front in PR, and while some of us blog for understanding, to bring about change, to better the industry, some blog for their blego.

Matthew Podboy

Hi Trevor. Good to see you on the comment string. I appreciate your thoughts and you raise an important point, one that I wanted to include in the post. I also blog to promote my firm and to participate in a new communication vehicle so that I can properly counsel my clients to do the same. I follow your blog and your activity and appreciate the effort you put into growing your business. The other side is that sometimes I have a hard time understanding how a paricular online or offline comment benefits anyone at all - individual, firm, client, profession or anyone/thing else.

Matthew Podboy

Hey, Morgan. No need to take me away, I enjoy this business too much.

Trevor Cook

Hhmm, bad day, huh? We all have them. But, we also have to make our own strategies. I love the 'limelight' from blogging. Hell, this month I got a prominent mention in an article on blogging in the Certified Practicing Accountants of Australia's magazine with the evocative title of 'Intheblack'. Hehheh. Can it get better than that? Well in sense no. As a director with my firm, part of my responsibilities is to promote our brand and get more people to consider using our services. This use to happen with the occasional speaking engagement, newspaper mention and even a column or op-ed or two. Blogging allows me to do that to a much greater extent and much easier too. What's more if I'm judicious about it, and yes make sure I don't lose focus on client work, then its both fun and good for business. Getting the balance right is not always easy, so sometimes, like you I don't blog much but I always find myself getting re-energised and come back to blogging with a vengenance.

Morgan McLintic

Great stuff Podboy. Hilarious. Perhaps someone will discover you and take you away from this...

Account Deleted

OK, that clarifies it. Thanks!

Matthew Podboy

"Helping to write." We don't own content for our clients' blogs but do help them with it. I think this is common - for the consultant to help in the initial stages and then turn it over to be completely managed by the blog-owner on a permanent basis.

Account Deleted

Matthew, what jumped out at me most here is that you're writing client blogs. Don't the clients write them? That's how we approach it but maybe we can learn a few tricks from you.

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