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August 04, 2004


Octavio Rojas

Blogs will change PR in the next few years. Credibility will be the most important asset of Corporate Blogs, but they can be fun too. Just think in how media are using it right now (Democrat Convention, The Guardian http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/games/) and you will see that is not a "yes or no" situation, it is become a "yes, of course" one.

Matthew Podboy

I think you're absolutely right, David. The PR community that is currently using blogs is - for the most part - thoghtful about how to use them and eager to learn and establish "best practices." As this continues to catch on as a viable communications vehicle, I just hope the other PR folks do the same.

david parmet

Blogging is certainly part of the PR tool kit. I think to Spataro's point though, there's a culture of blogging and to come in like a bull in a china shop would raise some hackles. Just like we have to be careful and thoughtful in how we approach media, we have to think out our blogging strategies before jumping in.

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