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October 27, 2004


Matthew Podboy

Yes, you're absolutely right, Elizabeth! Note to self: be careful when blogging late at night! Or maybe I'll just send this stuff to you for a quick edit :) Yes, good PR is good for PR and generates a positive eneregy for our industry. I'm reading my Webster dictionary and the definition of inertia is: "the property of matter whereby a body remains at rest unless acted by an external force." Perhaps that's what is happening here - we (the PR community) are the external force that will help this person move in the right direction.

Elizabeth Albrycht

Don't you mean that good PR generates force and energy and motion vs. inertia?


Seriously, however, there is no excuse for this kind of bad PR behavior. There are what, 30 or more PR blogs now? This represents beaucoup man- and woman- years of insight into how to do it right.

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