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October 20, 2004


Matthew Podboy

Great point, David! A jerk off who starts a blog is still a jerk off.

David Burn

I like the terminology and the check your blego at the login thinking here. One thought to add. Perhaps the offending bloggers were jerk offs well before they started blogging.

Bobby Masteria

Hi, you might want to reconsider the blego and blegomaniac terms because the verb to bleg and the noun blegger are already defined and in use and have a different meaning that might confuse users.
I suggest blogego, instead.


Very well put. I have this argument with our old colleague, Richard, all the time that most of the bloggers out there are in it for self-aggrandization. Well, I use the term mental ...

But, as you can probably tell in my blog, I go on my Quixotic campaigns. I blog about PR, and other issues, and things that I think we should get behind as an industry. And, if I want people to read a certain post, I email it out - like the War Eagle post.

Egoism is just a part of humanity, and the sniping amongst blogs will always go on, because someone always has to be top dog.

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