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October 11, 2004



I think we take the same tact on media briefings and tours - I only jump in to talk, after introductions, if it appears that the spokesman is drowning or floundering.

I'm not as nice when it comes to food. It must be the Shandwick training, where we'd map out the meetings first by location, then just call up and book the meetings in our slots. So, for the Bay, we'd start in SF and go South, then back up by the end of the day. We'd do the same in NYC, although it didn't really matter in NYC :-)

And, we'd never actually schedule lunch. I had one client ask us why, and our response was "you pay us for appointments, not for lunchtime - go to McDonalds on the road." Then, we'd make them pick up slices when in NYC. Four to five appointments a day was always the target, so no real time for food.

I'm not sure I agree about Boston, though. Is there any press left there?!

David Parmet

I love press tours and I don't get to do enough of them. I've always learned more about a client and their business from watching them in face to face situations with reporters than any other means.

You are right, briefing is a given. We're there to provide a moral boost, a shoulder to carry an extra bag on and provider of directions to the nearest bathroom.

And tell your Boston colleagues - the Curse lives ... Yankees in six!

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