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December 18, 2004





I tried to post this to Constantin's blog, and I think it didn't work.

So, hopefully, I'll remember what I wrote.

This is what PR blogging should be about. Not touting clients for touting's sake, but bringing up issues in PR, like case studies, and talking about how to raise the level of PR in the blogosphere.

As for JotSpot, I think the right thing was to do the blogging via Bnoopy. I want a Bnoopy doll. And, a JotSpot T-shirt. And, soon, I'll need to harass Dave about PRSA.

Matthew Podboy

Constantin, your comments didn't bother me - in fact, it reminded me that I should have taken more time to write my post on our meeting with Foremski. I also just wanted to clarify the names and associations in Foremski's article so folks got the credit they deserve - Foremski made Mike and I look too good in that article and I didn't want other people to feel left out...you know, bruised blegos and all :) Thanks for your note!

Constantin Basturea

Matthew, thanks for responding! Since trackback is not working, I'll add here the comment I made on my blog.

Responding to Mike's comments, I said that I wasn't trying to uncover any conspiracy; it just seemed funny to me that both you and Mike managed to post about your meeting with Tom Foremski without mentioning any of your clients or the great work you're doing for them. That's all. Modesty is something that should be commended, especially for PR consultants :). This is what I tried to do - but my execution was poor, it seams, and I'm sorry for that.

Also, the only question I asked was if Voce played any role in the Freedom of Choice campaign - and Mike clarified the matter in his comments. You're right, we definitely need to have a session at the Global PR Blog Week 2.0 on best practices around blogging for PR consultants, and it's great to see that PRSA is interested in joining this discussion.

It looks like I really need to add emoticons to my blog - hopefully, they will make the tone of my postings less misleading :)

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