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January 16, 2005


Josh Hallett

I was at a “Fast & Furious” technology partnering conference last week. There was a general session beforehand at which all attendees were given 2 minutes to ‘pitch’ their firm and discuss the partners they were looking for. Of the 40 or so companies that presented I would say over half used the line “We are the leading provider of.” After the third use of that term I wanted to yell “bull#@%” but I didn’t. After the fifth use of that term, anybody else who used it looked like an idiot.

david parmet

My particular favorite is ROI. ROI is not a word. It's an acronym.

When used as a word, especially as a verb (yep, I've seen that) it may cause uncontrolled giggling among the exact writers and editors you are trying to reach!!

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