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September 01, 2005


Kevin Dugan

Matthew - Another tip is to hire a driver/limo service. Boston can be a pain for analyst tours and I always had a driver deal with directions (but you still need to know them yourself). This gives you more time to focus on the client.

I tell people the client is basically a rock star on these tours...they just need to show up. We do the rest. The limo (which is actually just a towne car) helps with this approach. It’s one more logistic for us, but one less thing to worry about once they show up.

Briefing Book: In addition to talking points, you need to put them through a round of “what if” questions where you play devil's advocate and ask them hard questions.

Not only should you be taking notes, your client should not have time to ask "How'd I do?" You should have (based on your notes) a quick, substantive review for them. If you're not driving, this is even easier for you to accomplish.

And you are learning as you go on the tour so be sure to apply the first interview to your second and tweak accordingly. Everyone should be familiar enough with the material so you can all improvise.

You probably have this in your briefing book, but in addition to talking points, I like to have a couple of recent articles from the reporter or articles where the analyst is quoted.

My best briefings included executives that were smart enough to work in specific references to these articles as appropriate when making a point during the meetings. It always made a difference when it worked and everyone comes out of that meeting feeling like a rock star...reporter/analyst, executive and pr person.

To finalize this ramble, if the client is the rock star, what are we? Everything from roadie and sherpa to shaman and rabbi. If they’re the wizard of oz, we’re the man behind the curtain, and so on.

Great post. Hope this helps.

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